Complete Fire and Rescue Management

1IC Global Pty Ltd formally Nowa Australia is now predominantly known as a large-scale liquid fuel fire management company.  Who also provides many other services within Australia.

Our company is mainly known for the supply of High-Grade Class 'A' and 'B" Fire Fighting Foams. Now with the invention of an outstanding and globally record-breaking Enviro Master Class B - 1% to 6% Fire Foam. This has funded and allowed us to produce one of the best Private Fire and Rescue Services on a Global scale. We provide advice and management to large-scale oil and fuel companies for liquid fire fuel management and incidents. Supply firefighting foam and equipment as a service. We now provide and have our own specialised management team in fuel fire management. Our appliances and equipment are capable of extinguishing large-scale fuel fires, specialise Bio Hazard equipment as well as regular industrial, rescue and fire equipment appliances, ready to respond to our private clientele.

Also, our Operations Centre (currently under construction) with approval, can log on to any system On or Off Shore. Thermal Imaging and live streaming can coordinate fire attack and advice on large scale incidents.

There are four components to 1IC Global Pty Ltd profile as a successful company:

  • Manufacturing and Supply
  • Fire Service and Advice
  • Equipment
  • Training